The conference is only one week away!

Greetings, Poe and Hawthorne scholars!

The International Poe and Hawthorne Conference is only about a week away. If you are attending, we look forward to seeing you in Kyoto. If you are not able to travel to the conference but would like to follow the proceedings, we will be posting daily highlights from the conference in the form of notes, photographs, and potentially some limited audio and/or video recordings.

You can follow these updates here on the official conference website by simply navigating to the site, You can also follow written updates on the Nathaniel Hawthorne Society Facebook page, where we will post our daily notes during the conference.

Additionally, conference attendees, if you are planning to post on social media during the conference, we’d love to be able to see and share your posts, too! To make it easier for the Poe and Hawthorne studies communities to participate in this conversation, we’d ask you to please use the hashtag #PoeHawthorne18 when posting about the conference.

Feel free to direct any conference media questions to Conor Scruton at We’re looking forward to seeing everyone, both in person and online!

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