Opening reception was a great start to the conference!

Members of the koto ensemble perform at the opening reception. Photo credit: Kyosuke Ogawa

We’ve made it to Kyoto, and although many of us have traveled a long way and are still pushing through jet lag, it was a lively opening reception with both old friends and new meeting up, and a lot of stimulating conversation in both cases.

Conference organizers Sandra Hughes and Masahiko Narita opened proceedings, thanking attendees for their participation recognizing top donors Susan Tane and Sam Coale for helping make the conference possible.

Throughout the reception, a koto ensemble made up of Motoko Aimto, Sachiko Nakatani, Sachie Niki, Miyuki Hara, and Yukari Masaki entertained us with traditional Japanese music, as well as koto renditions of Western classical and popular tunes. Towards the end of the reception, the members kindly offered mini-lessons, allowing attendees the opportunity to play the instruments. (Audio and video will be posted later this weekend.) Our deepest thanks go to Stephan Loewentheil for sponsoring the reception and reception music!

After a lovely reception, we’re looking forward to the conference’s first full day of presentations tomorrow!

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