A great day of presentations

Facing the beautiful Kyoto Imperial Palace Park outside the window, many conference attendees display scholarly books and journals related to Poe and Hawthorne studies. Photo credit: Yu Kominami

Just one day into paper presentations, and we’ve talked about everything from the Gothic to national identity, from Poe and cosmogony to Hawthorne and natural landscapes. Over a very nice obento lunch, in the panel Q&A sessions, and even in the common area near our scholarly book display table, there have already been many engaging and thought-provoking discussions.

Tatsumi delivers the plenary talk, “In Pym’s Footsteps: Poe, Ooka, and Ballard.” Photo credit: Yu Kominami

Takayuki Tatsumi delivered the enlightening plenary talk, “In Pym’s Footsteps: Poe, Ooka, and Ballard.” Tatsumi discussed the influence of Poe’s The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym on twentieth-century writers Shohei Ooka and J.G. Ballard, as well as the potential for literary depictions of cannibalism to subvert conventions of social acceptability.

And as mentioned before, we are greatly indebted to the kindness of donors Susan Tane and Sam Coale, whose sponsorship has made it possible for many attendees to travel to Kyoto and share their contributions to Poe and Hawthorne studies. Pictured below are many of these scholars.

With the conference still just starting, we’re looking forward to a couple more days as thought-stimulating as this one!

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