What a lovely conference, and what a shame it had to end so soon

I think I speak for most of us when I write that the conference flew by. This is true in the positive sense — as in time flying, proverbially, when you’re having fun — but this time warp is accompanied by a wish for just a few more days in Kyoto, and just a few more sessions to discuss our thoughts with all our colleagues.

Luckily, the final presentations of the conference delivered this morning were followed by an excursion to some of Kyoto’s most prominent temples, a sightseeing tour we could enjoy without the stress of editing papers last-minute or preparing for roundtables. Below, I’ve included just a few photos as highlights from this excursion. In the coming weeks, we will post an album with more extensive photos, including coverage of individual sessions.

Thanks so much again to everyone who helped organize and sponsor this conference, as well as everyone who attended. We wish everyone safe travels and hope to come together again very soon as an international community of scholars and friends!


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