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The conference hotel is the Kyoto Garden Palace Hotel. The URL is All sessions and events will be held here. The KGP is located in a quiet area of Kyoto. The hotel itself contains a traditional Japanese restaurant and one that serves more Western cuisine, but public transportation (metro/subway) and other restaurants are a 10-15 MINUTE WALK AWAY. For those who have difficulty walking up to 15 minutes each way and climbing many flights of stairs for the metro, travel by TAXI is recommended. Travel from JR Kyoto railway station to the conference hotel is approximately ¥1500, and a list of restaurants will be provided in the welcome packet.

The special URL listed below will guarantee the conference rate of ¥10,800 PER PERSON, per night, including tax (roughly US $100 PER PERSON, PER NIGHT, AT CURRENT EXCHANGE RATES), which includes a Western or Japanese breakfast. Because Japanese hotels charge BY THE PERSON rather than by the room, a single room for one person costs $100 per night whereas a double or twin room for two people costs $200 per night, even at the conference rate. We have reserved the entire hotel for the nights of June 21st, 22nd, and 23rd. A smaller number of rooms will be available at conference rates for the 19th, 20th, 24th, and 25th. ALL ROOM RESERVATIONS AT THE KGP HOTEL ARE FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. At the KGP, a “twin room” means a room that contains two smaller individual beds just like Lucy and Ricky (in some seasons at least). Please be advised that Japanese hotel bathrooms are extremely small regardless of room type.

To book, use this link, which you may need to cut and paste into your browser:

You will initially receive a very brief message in English that says something along the lines of “Your request has been received, and the front desk will contact you soon.” Within 72 hours or so, you will receive a detailed reply from Mr. Kimura. Please be patient. Emails from the hotel will have a sender name and subject line IN JAPANESE, but don’t panic when you see Japanese characters as the email itself is bilingual. If you are concerned about opening an email with a Japanese sender name and subject line, feel free to forward it to, and I will verify that it is from the hotel.

The only potential source of confusion comes in the way the form lists your smoking preference. It will look like this:

[ ご喫煙 / Smoking ] 禁煙 / Non-Smoking

Please verify whether you are booking a deodorized smoking room or a non-smoking room. The part in square brackets means [SMOKING PREFERENCE] and the part AFTER the final slash/ indicates the type of room you have reserved. The example shown above means that your room is NON-SMOKING.

Since people sensitive to smoke may still find KGP deodorized smoking rooms uncomfortable, we are offering the names of other hotels which are within walking distance. The Palace-Side Hotel and the Kyoto Heian Hotel are both non-smoking hotels. These hotels have no official affiliation with the conference or conference rate, but their rates are reasonable. The Brighton Hotel is a more expensive, but also a nicer hotel, and it, too, is within walking distance. All hotels other than the KGP must be booked directly with the hotel using that hotel’s website. Links are provided below. However, please note this important difference in the way that Japanese hotel rates are calculated. When negotiating with any Japanese hotel, you should establish what the rate for the ROOM is. The rate provided is typically a rate PER PERSON, so while a room for one person may cost $100, a room for two people will cost $200, EVEN IF THE ROOM RATE IS LISTED AS $100 because Japanese hotels charge BY THE PERSON, and all hotel rate quotes are provided using that system. Hotels will have English websites, and employees will be able to answer questions in English. Here are the links:

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